What is BPMN?

For those new to business process management the acronym BPMN has probably crossed your desk more than once. The first three letters seem pretty obvious, but what does the acronym in whole stand for?

BPMN stands for Business Process Model and Notation. It is a standard that is controlled by the Object Management Group. It is on its 4th iteration and currently is Version 2.0.

BPMN is a way to visually/graphically depict and represent a business process. It is similar to UML, but focuses exclusively on business processes.

Has four basic components:

  1. Flow objects – represent the main components of the workflow (events and activities)
  2. Connecting objects – represent the connections (get it?) between events/activities/artifacts
  3. Swim lanes – represent the responsible parties linked to events/artifacts
  4. Artifacts – provide additional information to the viewer of the model

In follow-up blog posts, we will delve into the BPMN components in more detail as well as discuss the modeling tools that support the standard.

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