What are the triple constraints?

For more than a year, we have been writing about project management on a blog entitled “Triple Constraints”. Shocking then, that we have never written a post about the triple constraints…well that is about to change.

What are the triple constraints?

The triple constraints for projects are:

  • Scope – that which has to be completed
  • Time – how much time is available to complete the task/project
  • Cost – how much money (in money and resources) is available to complete the task/project

Why do I need to care about them?

You need to care about the triple constraints, because they serve as a key guidance in how we manage the scope of a project. When a client/stakeholder asks for changes to the scope, you need to think about how that will impact the timeline and the cost for the project. This does not mean you have to say no, but you have to be cognizant of the impact.

If I successfully manage the triple constraints, and I assured of a successful project?

Not at all. The triple constraints are just the start for a successful project outcome. Many people with familiarity with project management state that there is a fourth constraint – quality. When you don’t adjust one of the constraints to accommodate another change, then you are going to impact the quality of your project.

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