Sprint Retrospectives

The Sprint Retrospective is one of the most valuable tools in the scrum arsenal. The retrospective is designed to help the team improve their processes and performance so that future sprints are even more successful than the one the team just completed. Implementing and embracing Sprint Retrospectives is a key to project success and improving the overall performance of your team. Below are common questions I have received about sprint retrospectives.

When does the meeting occur?

  • At the end of each Sprint
    • After the Sprint Review (demo) meeting with the Product Owner
    • Before planning the next Sprint

How long should the meeting last?

  • Most scrum practitioners suggest that you timebox the sprint retrospective to three hours.

Who attends the sprint retrospective meeting?

  • The Scrummaster
  • The Team

(note that the Product Owner does not attend the meeting)

What is the purpose of the meeting?

The team evaluates how the sprint went and suggests improvements to their process so that future sprints are even more successful.

What makes a Sprint Retrospective successful?

  • All team members must feel comfortable providing feedback
  • All aspects of the Sprint should be analyzed
    • Tools used for development
    • Tools used for communication
    • Team composition
    • Project logistics
  • The sprint review must result in actionable items that will be implemented during the next Sprint.

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