Scrum Roles

Each agile project is conducted by individuals with the following roles:

-Product Owner or Product Ownership Team
-Scrum Master
-The Team

The Product Owner is responsible for:
-Managing and prioritizing Product Backlog
-Deciding on release date and content
-Ensuring profitability of the product
-Accepting software at the end of each iteration

The Scrum Master is responsible for:
-Shepherding the team
-Removing impediments
-Keeping the process moving
-Ensuring team is fully functional and productive
-Shielding the team from external interferences
-Representing management to the project
-Socializing scrum to the greater organization

The Team is cross-functional in nature. It is generally composed of programmers, testers, user experience designers, etc.
The team is self-organizing, but is accountable to the product owner for delivering as promised.
The team is responsible for:
-Estimating size of backlog items
-Committing to increments of deliverable software – and delivering it
-Tracking their own progress (with Scrum Master)

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