Scrum Basics

Scrum Basics

  • Small cross-functional teams (7 people +/- 2)
  • Series of Sprints (iterations), 2-4 weeks in duration
  • Each Sprint produces a working increment of software
  • To start a Sprint, the team selects & commits to stories from the Product Backlog in priority order
  • To close a Sprint, we demo/evaluate progress
  • Between Sprints, the Product Owner can modify & reprioritize the Product Backlog

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  1. Chris, I think you’re getting it. A few additional basics I recommend are:

    [1] Use Information Radiators: kanban, burndown chart,…
    [2] Hold a daily Scrum (meeting) to communicate what happened yesterday, what will happen today, and identify any current impediments.

    I understand you want to keep this to the basics. But, I’m really big on communications. A kanban will allow you to passively communicate the current state of the project to everyone who sees it. The daily Scrum (meeting) provides direct communications between teammates.

    Communicate, communicate, communicate.


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