Why do we need project management?

The other day I was asked the following question:

Why do we need project management?

Of course, I was a little shocked that anyone would ask why project management is important in the business world. I understand that different people have different ideas on what methodology to follow, but everyone I know realizes the benefits of project management.

Well, I guess not everyone does. As such, I am going to list the most important reasons you should manage your projects:

  • Sets expectations on what you and your team are going to be delivering
  • Helps you define what activities your team will be performing to get to your goals
  • Helps you to efficiently resource your company
  • Helps you to more effectively manage costs
  • Helps to you respond to change more effectively
  • Helps to you share progress updates with your boss and clients

In general, project management processes help you to put some focus around items that otherwise can be hazy. They help to you plan, track, and report on your team and on your projects.

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