Why do we need project management?

The other day I was asked the following question: Why do we need project management? Of course, I was a little shocked that anyone would ask why project management is important in the business world. I understand that different people have different ideas on what methodology to follow, but everyone I know realizes the benefits of project […]

What is fast-tracking?

What is fast-tracking? Many tasks in a project naturally occur sequentially. First you complete Task A and then you can complete Task B. Fast-tracking is when you perform these tasks in a parallel manner. What are the benefits? The benefit of fast-tracking is that you can potentially reduce the timeline for your project. Instead of […]

Week in Scrum – June 20th

I will be creating a weekly recap of the articles/news that I found interesting  that cover the topic of scrum. Below are the links from the week of June 20th. http://blog.projectconnections.com/project_practitioners/2010/06/the-benefits-of-documentation.html http://blog.versionone.com/blog/versionone/0/0/stories-and-size-what-is-too-large-when Please let me know if there are additional articles that you would like included on the list.

How you can improve project communication

As you begin your first, or your hundredth project, you must focus on communication within your project. This one aspect of project management negatively or positively impacts every single projects that you undertake. It is often easy to get hung-up on methodologies and templates when executing a project, but you need to spend just as much, if […]

What are the triple constraints?

For more than a year, we have been writing about project management on a blog entitled “Triple Constraints”. Shocking then, that we have never written a post about the triple constraints…well that is about to change. What are the triple constraints? The triple constraints for projects are: Scope – that which has to be completed […]

What is a burn down chart?

What is a burn down chart? A burn down chart is a visual representation of the work remaining during an iteration. It tracks the amount of work committed to for the sprint along the vertical axis and the time (usually the 3 or 4 weeks of the sprint) along the horizontal axis. This work can […]

What is Six Sigma?

Many project managers have heard of six sigma, but many of us are not sure what it is. In this post I will try to explain the basics of six sigma. What is six sigma? Six sigma is a management tool/process which aims to increase the quality of deliverables by identifying, and then, removing the […]

What are story points?

When the team is reviewing the backlog and planning their sprint, they will begin to undertake the process of estimating for each user story so that they can define the work that will take place during the sprint. Many developers and teams have extensive experience estimating how long coding a requirement will take. Traditionally this […]

Is it ever OK to tell a client no?

I had a conversation the other day with a colleague who told me that at their company they were told to never tell the client no. I was dumb-founded. Obviously, there must have been times when they were allowed to tell a client no. He informed me that they, as project managers, were never allowed […]