Top Features of MS Project 2010

I recently have installed MS Project 2010 on my computer and have begun to use it instead of the previous version of Project. It did take a little bit of time to get used to, but I think this version is definitely their best yet. I have listed the features I think are the best […]

Prototyping Tools

One of the best tools in the requirements gathering/clarification process is the system prototype. System prototypes allow you to get feedback from end-users to ensure that you are developing a system that meets their needs. Technology has made the creation of prototypes much more feasible and cost-effective. As such, you should ensure that every system […]

Putting people in a position to succeed

The main goal of any project manager is to put people in a position to succeed. This sounds simple enough, but it requires a great deal of energy/commitment to make it happen. Project Team Your project team relies on you to put them in a position to succeed. If you do not do your job, […]

What is an iteration?

One of the basic components of scrum is the use of iterations to plan work. What is an iteration? An iteration is a defined time period that is spent delivering a working product. How long does an iteration last? Most scrum iterations last from 2 to 4 weeks although some teams use shorter iterations. The goal is […]

Operations versus projects

I was having a debate with a friend of mine who is a project manager at a manufacturing plant. I began the debate by declaring that his title is inappropriate and that he isn’t a project manager based on what he does every day. He countered that had a project team and was required to submit weekly […]

Three ways to get your project back on schedule

As many of you can attest, projects can fall behind schedule. This is not a situation that is pleasant for any project manager. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to bring your project back from the brink. The three main ways to handle this problem are: Fast-tracking Reducing scope Crashing Fast-tracking We have […]

Top 5 Android Apps for the Project Manager

Telling a client that you didn’t have access to your computer is not always an option. Technology has allowed PMs to have access to more information more often. One of the most significant technology advances is the smart phone. I personally have an Android smart phone and it has made a big difference in how up-to-speed I […]

What is the critical path?

You have probably heard the expression “This is on the critical path”. Sounds scary doesn’t it. The term critical conjures up a bad image in most people’s minds. They immediately think of the emergency room and critical condition patients. Thankfully the critical path is actually a good thing for project managers. It helps us to […]

Five Best Project Management Books

In order to increase our knowledge of project management (and earn PDUs),  project managers often spend their spare time reading books about project management. Below are the top 5 project management books I have read. They all address the issue of becoming a better project manager from a slightly different angle, but they all should […]

How to have an effective kick-off meeting

What is a kick-off meeting? The kick-off meeting is the generally the first meeting that the project team and the client/stakeholders have on a meeting. For client projects (those for which a client is paying your company), the kick-off meeting will probabaly be the first time the project team has talked to the stakeholders at […]