Iteration Planning Checklist

My company recently completed our most recent iteration planning session. It was an eye-opening experience for most of our team had not been part of an iteration planning session before. Below is a checklist that teams can use to help ensure that their iteration planning meeting is successful.

Before the session:

  • Product backlog has been finalized
    • All backlog items have been assigned a stack rank by the Product Owner
    • All backlog items have been assigned their story points by the Project Team
  • Project Team has been prepped
    • Team has been trained on basic Scrum processes/roles
  • Situation has been analyzed
    • Outside factors have been reviewed and impact on team has been documented
    • Project team member capacity has been evaluated/documented
      • # of hours per day for each worker
      • # of days each worker will be available during the iteration
  • Meeting logistics have been finalized
    • Meeting location has been booked for the entire day
    • Project team has been made available for the entire day
    • Lunch has been ordered

During the session:

  • Session was initiated
    • Welcome team to the meeting
    • Review iteration planning process
  • Backlog is triaged
    • Tasks are defined for each user story
      • Task duration estimates are documented
      • Task owners are documented
  • Agreement is reached
    • Project team and product owner agree on the plan of attack
  • Meeting is evaluated
    • What went well and what could be improved

After the session:

  • Iteration tracking system is set up
    • Allow tracking of all iteration tasks
  • Daily scrum meetings are set up

Following the steps above should help make your iteration planning meeting your most successful yet. Do you have any other tasks/items that you feel contribute to the success of your iteration planning meeting?

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