Introducing Scrum to your team

Imagine the first day of school…waiting with your mom at the bus stop and getting ready to board the bus and head to school. The moment was filled with both eagerness and anxiety. Learning that your team is adopting Scrum can have that same mix of emotions for your team members.

Your team is going from a world where:

  • they were instructed step-by-step on how to act by the project manager
  • they were given clearly documented rules/requirements
  • their parents (project manager) were often judged on successes/failures

To one in which:

  • they get to determine their success
  • they are forced to collaborate on their work
  • they are accountable for success/failure

There is a lot of change involved in migrating from a waterfall to an agile methodology. Some team members are going to be upset because they will think that the shift in methodology is because they couldn’t succeed using the previous schema. Some team members are going to be concerned with how their jobs change. Managing this change will play an integral role in how your team succeeds.

In introducing your team to Scrum, you should focus on the following:

  • What Scrum is
  • Why your team is adopting Scrum
  • What Scrum means to the team

What Scrum is

The first step in introducing Scrum to your team. This site deals with scrum and agile, but the two article below are more directed towards those new to Scrum.

Why your team is adopting Scrum

Next, you need to explain to your team why your company is adopting Scrum. You need to focus on the benefits of Scrum to the team because it is a huge change for them.

  • Increased quality
  • Improved time to market
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased responsiveness to change

What Scrum means to the team

To the team members, Scrum means:

  • More power to make collaborative decisions
  • Greater visibility to company decision-makers
  • Greater chances to make great products
  • Potential for greater camaraderie

Remember, moving to Scrum is a big change…and a big opportunity for improvement. Do your best to make your team excited about the new process.

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