Iteration Planning Checklist

My company recently completed our most recent iteration planning session. It was an eye-opening experience for most of our team had not been part of an iteration planning session before. Below is a checklist that teams can use to help ensure that their iteration planning meeting is successful. Before the session: Product backlog has been […]

Top Three Reasons Scrum Doesn’t Work

You have likely heard many reasons why you should ditch waterfall methodologies for managing your projects and adopt Scrum instead. However, the following three situations are going to guarantee that scrum will not work at your company. 1) Lack of management buy-in In order for scrum to succeed within your organization you need to have […]

What is an iteration?

One of the basic components of scrum is the use of iterations to plan work. What is an iteration? An iteration is a defined time period that is spent delivering a working product. How long does an iteration last? Most scrum iterations last from 2 to 4 weeks although some teams use shorter iterations. The goal is […]

Week in Scrum – June 20th

I will be creating a weekly recap of the articles/news that I found interesting  that cover the topic of scrum. Below are the links from the week of June 20th. Please let me know if there are additional articles that you would like included on the list.

What is a burn down chart?

What is a burn down chart? A burn down chart is a visual representation of the work remaining during an iteration. It tracks the amount of work committed to for the sprint along the vertical axis and the time (usually the 3 or 4 weeks of the sprint) along the horizontal axis. This work can […]

What are story points?

When the team is reviewing the backlog and planning their sprint, they will begin to undertake the process of estimating for each user story so that they can define the work that will take place during the sprint. Many developers and teams have extensive experience estimating how long coding a requirement will take. Traditionally this […]

What is stack rank?

For those of you new to Scrum, the term stack rank is an unfamiliar term. However, to Scrum teams, and Product Owners in particular,  stack rank is known..and very important. Stack rank is the traditional method Product Owners use to rank/prioritize their product backlog items. When you are adding items to the product backlog, simply […]

Is Scrum just for IT?

I had a conversation the other day with a coworker about Scrum. She was intrigued by the premise, but had always thought of Scrum as being a tool of IT teams. I explained to her that Scrum is not only applicable to IT teams, but to teams working on all types of projects. Project management […]

Introducing Scrum to your team

Imagine the first day of school…waiting with your mom at the bus stop and getting ready to board the bus and head to school. The moment was filled with both eagerness and anxiety. Learning that your team is adopting Scrum can have that same mix of emotions for your team members. Your team is going […]