Building the ideal war room

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of colocation to a scrum development team. Now that we have established why you want a war/team room, let’s dive into what your war room should entail.

A war room provides the following:

  • a dedicated location where the team can work
  • a location that is isolated from others within the business to reduce distractions

A war room has the following:

  • Plenty of wallspace to hold whiteboards, corkboards, and other collaborative tools
  • Plenty of electrical outlets to support all the computers, monitors and other electronic equipment
  • Appropriate lighting (harsh fluorescent light is not ideal)
  • Storage space for personal belongings (since team members will not have cubes to store their gear in)
  • Small refrigerator to store soda or other beverages (reduces the need for runs to the kitchen or conveniene store)
  • Appropriate temperature controls

A war room does not have the following:

  • Walls or cubicles separating the team members
  • Adjoining noisy neighbors or busy hallways

Those are the basics of what a war room should entail. If you have features that have worked well in your experience please leave a comment so that others may benefit.

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